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0ur 2014
Nelson's Sparrow    Photo Rick Bohn
Nelson's Sparrow    Photo Rick Bohn
Sedge Wren   Photo Rick Bohn
Birding at Chicago Lake with Guide Erik Bruhnke.
                                                    Photo Rick Bohn
Birding with Corey Ellingson..
                                                    Photo Rick Bohn
Chestnut-collared longspur at Horesehead Lake
                                                    Photo Rick Bohn
Eyes on the birds.                                                                                                             Photo Rick Bohn
Sedge Wren
                                             Photo Rick Bohn
Black-necked Stilt                                                                        photo by Rick Bohn
Virginia Rail 
photo by Rick Bohn
Arrowwood NWR - touring for native plants.                                     Photo by Ann Hoffert
Clark's Grebe, Grebe colony      photo by Rick Bohn
Prairie Tour lead by Steve Jones.
Arrowwood NWR, Pingree ND
Arrowwood NWR - Bison on the Range
A magical evening at Pipestem Creek celebrating North Dakota and it's birds on the first night of the 
Potholes and Prairie Birding festival.
Ruddy duck   photo by Alex Galt
Blue-winged Teal
photo by Alex Galt
Early morning light on a Sora.     Photo by Alex Galt
Northern Shoveler            photo by Alex Galt
American Bittern         photo by Rick Bohn
Note turtle climbing out of water.   Photo: Rick Bohn
Avocets                             Photo: Rick Bohn
Red-headed Woodpecker                           Photo: Rick Bohn
Long-Eared Owl 
Photo: Rick Bohn
Goose in spring snow fall.                                                                                   Photo: Rick Bohn
A pair of sharp-tailed grouse establishing territory.                                                                   Photo: Rick Bohn