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Registration Desk manned by Laurie and Denise.
Welcome to Pipestem Creek & Reimers Seed Farm
Thursday evening meal - June 9th
Birders enjoying the flowers.
One of many flower gardens on the farm.

Birders relaxing in the shade as many birds are singing and 'talking' in the trees.
Birders strolling around the back yard enjoying the flowers and birds.
Guides & guests refreshing with cool water and lemonade.
Time to eat!
Filling plates with delicious chicken, wild asparagus, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and desert!
Guides & Guests visiting and relaxing after a day of birding.
Welcome to the Putnam House
Another gorgeous, albeit hot, day in the potholes and prairie region. Friday evening.
Birding Drives Dakota  |  871 Main St  | Carrington, ND 58421|  888-921-2473  |
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Chefs Alex Galt and Bob Scott, with Asst Alex, cooking up a storm along with the best ever burgers.
Birders exploring the Putnam House.
Musician, Skyler Patzer of Carrington, ND, provided soothing music during the supper hour.
Birders enjoying supper in the shade and light breeze.
      Festival                   Photos
June 11, 2016 - Seminar, Al Batt,  Raffle Drawing    
It was a hot day and upon arriving back at headquarters the birders wasted no time getting into the air conditioned building. 
Wildlife Biologist, Alex Galt's presentation on: 
Grassland Bird Conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region
Jeff Galt, President of Birding Drives Dakota, presenting Ann Hoffert a plaque in recognition of her service of 13 years with Birding Drives Dakota.
Humorist Al Batt giving his talk to a large crowd of birders.
Photo by Rick Bohn.
Norma Platt, of Webster, NY, won the raffle for the hand-carved American Avocet by Mr. John Halko, of Lowell, Indiana.
Photos taken during the tours throughout the festival, taken by Rick Bohn,  unless otherwise noted.
Looking for and finding the Baird's Sparrow. 

Enjoying a rare sighting of a Black-billed Cuckoo.

Watching Western Grebes with babies on board.

Happy bunch of birders after seeing a vagrant Western Tanager. Another highlight at this old farmstead was close look at a brilliant Red-headed Woodpecker.

Horsehead Lake Tour, ½ mile NW Horsehead Lake, watching Nelson’s and LeConte’s Sparrows. 
Chase Lake tour, Guide Bob Anderson giving brief talk on Chase Lake.

Chase Lake, Bob Anderson and Paulette Scherr giving brief History of Chase Lake NWR- Pelicans went from 500 to 50 birds, Pres. Roosevelt declared it Bird Preserve. 
Chase Lake tour, looking at Lake Louise,( just NW of Chase Lake) for Clark’s Grebe among the Western Grebes, one spotted!

Horsehead Lake tour, watching Nelson’s and LeContes sparrow and both “wren” species. 
<- Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow and American White Pelicans (below) cooperatively foraging during Horsehead Lake tours.

Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow seen on one of the Friday tours.->

Photo by Rick Bohn.