Backpacks have arrived!

Arrowwood National WildlifeRefuge:
Planning on spending a day outside with your family? 

'Connecting People with Nature - Let's Go Outside!' Backpacks have arrived at Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge. These backpacks contain numerous outdoor exploration tools such as binoculars, insect nets, nature journals, a compass and much more! Individuals and small groups may check out the backpacks and explore nature on the Refuge on their own, or with the assistance of Refuge staff. 
Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge and Birding Drives Dakota joined together under the alliance of Friends of Arrowwood NWR. This union was established February 18, 2011.

The USFWS has 6 Priority Public Uses: Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife Observation, Wildlife Photography, Environmental Education and Interpretation. 
Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge
7780 10th St SE, Pingree, ND 58476
September 27, 2013 - National Archery-in-the-Schools Program
Arrowwood Refuge hosted 50 5th-8th grade students from the Pingree-Buchanan School, Pingree, ND. The event demonstrated the National Archery-in-the-Schools Program (NASP). This event was sponsored by U.S. Wildlife Service and ND Game & Fish.               (Four photos posted below.)

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