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Welcome to Jamestown! Nestled in the scenic James River Valley in southeastern North Dakota, Jamestown is the county seat of Stutsman County and boasts some premier birding attractions. Ron Martin, an expert biologist and leading ornithologist, has designed three drives that radiate from Jamestown. The drives will take you through some real prairie treasures and the exciting birds they offer. 
Birding Drives Dakota  |  871 Main St  |  Carrington, ND 58421  |  888-921-2473  |  info@birdingdrives.com
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  Jamestown to Chase Lake - Take a drive from Jamestown to the home of North America’s Largest Nesting colony of American White Pelicans at Chase Lake NWR. 

   Jamestown to Arrowwood NWR - Take a drive from Jamestown to Arrowwood NWR where you will spot waterfowl, shorebirds, dancing sharp tail grouse, and various grassland songbirds.