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Potholes & Prairie Festival:

From T.C. of Fairfield, IA:  I've arrived back to southeast Iowa with 21 new birds added to my life list. The field trips were great. I especially enjoyed the driftless (sic: drift plains) area trip on Thursday and the Kidder County trip on Saturday. Excellent leaders!

On Saturday's trip when we were looking for specialty species like the Nelson and Le Conte Sparrows, they worked hard to make sure that EVERYONE saw these birds before moving on. I appreciated that.

And your seminars were excellent. And Holy Mackeral - Al Batt was a hoot.

I've already told a few birders from around here about your event so hopefully we'll get some more southeast Iowan's there next year!

From E.D of Secacus, NJ:  Thank you and the Committee members for an outstanding festival.... You did a fantastic job and the ladies from Fish & Wildlife were especially helpful and kind in answering all questions. The food was wonderful, both at lunch and during the dinners.... I'm so happy the weather cooperated and we could eat outside each evening.

POSITIVES: We were able to add five new birds to our life lists and had great views of them. Camping in the park was very nice and convenient. Knowledgeable and friendly leaders.

NEGATIVES:  Really none, but could you please add a few more hours each night for sleep?

From S.S. of New York:  Al, your talk Saturday evening was so funny and such a wonderful memory of the festival. I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. many thanks.

From SB of IL: "...I still can't get over how kind, considerate, and just plain nice everyone was. The drivers, guides, organizers, the other birders . . . I'm afraid any other festival will pale in comparison! I have so many great memories of the festival and the birds we saw (I added 27 to my life list!).
    I have to admit that my mom and I had never been to North Dakota before. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but what I found was beautiful!"

From RW of OH: "...We loved our accomodations at the Ranch and enjoyed the Bird Festival. We saw over 100 birds and lots of life birds. We were impressed with the volunteers who were always ready to help. The guides were top notich. The seminars very informative."

From SC of KS:  "Again -- FANTASTIC Job on the P&P Fest! It's quite apparent that you folks love this."

From MB of IL:  "The Prairie Potholes Festival was the very first birding trip I have been on. I especially enjoyed the day spent at Arrowwood on the Specialty Tour. Ann (president of BDD) put Stacey, my daughter, and I on that trip because we missed the bus - but it was the 'happiest of misses.'
    "Because of that 'miss' I was able to see the bird I most sought - the American Avocet.
"Thank you for all your attention and help to a very novice birder.
"Stacey and I are already planning to come again and bring others."

From CC of PA:  "To all involved in making the 10th Anniversay Potholes and Prairie Festival such a success. We had a fantastic time and appreciate all of the hard work that was put into having such a quality birding festival. Hopefully we can return again."

From SB of IL:  Thank you to guide Paulette Scherr. "...thank you for your help and professionalism when my mom and I missed our "Birds of the Drift Prairie" bus tour due to a miscommunication in the starting time. As it turned out, we were delighted with the specialty tour of Arrowwood. We both had bird species we wanted to see on our trip to North Dakota: Mom wanted to see American Avocets, and I Wilson's Phalaropes. We were so excited to see both on the Arrowwood trip!
    "Neither Mom nor I had ever been to North Dakota before. It's a beautiful state, and I've been sharing that with all my friends and coworkers. I have a friend who's a photographer, who's very interested in coming out to photograph the birds and scenery of North Dakota."

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