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Carrington offers some of the best adventures in the great outdoors:  great hunting, fishing, birding, camping, hiking, horseback riding, biking, snowmobiling and cross-county skiing.  The community has a small-town charm and is surrounded by wonderful natural resources:  
Dakota Sun Gardens & Winery
Our winery is centrally located near Carrington, ND. We are available to make reservations or answer questions at 701-674-3623. As well as beautiful flower gardens, we have several fruit plots which we planted to supply some of our winery needs. Fruit plots are available for tours. In addition to our flower gardens, fruit plots and winery, we also welcome birdwatchers.

Lake Juanita
Many area residents enjoy this popular lake, where you'll find good summer and winter fishing, and also camping. Located 25 miles east of Carrington.
Hawk's Nest Ridge 
This undeveloped, unfenced 100-acre area southwest of Carrington features a butte 300 hundred feet higher than the surrounding plains.  It has one of the few remaining native stands of buffalo grass and pine oaks. Visitors to the 'Hawk's Nest' can enjoy nature, hiking, birding and beautiful scenery. 
Downtown Business District 
Visit our Main Street businesses downtown for some interesting antique finds, unique gifts and charming atmosphere. 
Putnam House 
Built in 1907 and located on Carrington's Main Street, the Putnam House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and contains museum collections and other items providing a lively depiction of Foster County's history. 
For more information contact: 
Carrington Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB 
(701) 652-2524 
(800) 641-9668 
Carrington News 
Birding Drives Dakota  |  871 Main St  |  Carrington, ND 58421  |  888-921-2473  |  info@birdingdrives.com